“Elephants are a symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures…” This is how our committee member Sonia Waddell begins her interesting article in this month’s Lifescape magazine – www.lifescapemag.com

Sonia and her husband Robin recently spent time in Thailand at the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai in the north west. This is now home to 30 rescued elephants. In the wild, there are only some 1,500 elephants left in the country and some 3000 domesticated ones.

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Read about Sonia’s memorable experiences, feeding, bathing and walking with the elephants, which will never be worked or abused again – either in the illegal logging industry or for the perceived amusement of tourists.

Sonia reminds us never to go to elephant camps or shows when in Thailand.

Sonia helps at bath time

Sonia helps at bath time

And ivory bought there, as well as being in itself unethical, will certainly be confiscated by British Customs, even if it is legally on sale abroad.