Pino as a baby

This is Pino as a baby.

Brett Clifton, who kindly gave permission for us to use his photos fell so much in love with kangaroos after rescuing the first baby – whom he called Sirocco – that he sold up and bought 200 acres as a sanctuary.


Miffy is shown, having just being rescued, has had a feed, and now is sucking her pouch liner. The pouch is specially made and hangs so the baby feels secure and safe, as in her mum’s pouch. They like to be U- shaped in the pouch with legs up – they dive in headfirst and do a flip round.
Brett Clifton rescues baby joeys from their dead mum’s pouch, after they’ve been hit by cars.
When old enough, the released kangaroos have a safe, hunter-free 200 acres for the rest of their lives.

A passionate kangaroo campaigner, Robyn, is in the photo below. Annie is sitting with her and holding her hand… Annie’s been released, but still loves cuddles. Among the 3 hopping in the background is Pino – but much bigger now!

Robyn and Annie

Robyn and Annie

This is Errol: