Readers might remember a previous feature on this excellent Spanish horse rescue near Malaga, run by sisters Concordia and Virginia Solera Garcia.


Earlier this year, the CYD Santa María team embarked on a quite complicated project, going to the rescue of 26 horses abandoned on a Marbella mountain.  The local council was not helping and some horses in fact died before they could be saved.






Concordia organising the rescue

Concordia organising the rescue









The horses are now safe at the centre, but they currently have more than 80 under their direct care – many people who had adopted horses from CYD Santa María are now returning them, making a huge job for the team, who have all made superhuman efforts to treat and look after the horses – care which thousands of horses all over Spain do not receive.

An official complaint against the council has been made and CYD Santa María hopes that the appropriate legal action will be taken and the perpetrators punished.

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