Ulrike writes:

On 01 April 08, the Dog Rescue center celebrates its 9 year anniversary.

Before the samui.dog.org was founded, there was no vet on the island and the animals were left to themselves.

In the past 9 years, thousands of vaccinations against rabies have been done and now Ko Kamui is the only island without rabies in Thailand.

In October 07, Samuidog founded the temple project. They visited different temples and made arrangements with the monks to feed the dogs and cats at the temple. The project is very costly, but also very valuable.

Now 12 temples sponsor this project on Samui. They get food delivered regularly from Samuidog.

If anyone wants to donate to this project, please contact Brigitte directly at info@samuidog.org

Sponsors needed

As a sponsor, you help the DRCS regularly at a cost of of EUR 15.- per month. In return, you receive regular news and photos of the animal sponsored and of course the newsletter with the news on our activities on Koh Samui.

Samuidog is dependent on sponsors and donations, because they get no help from the government and are financed on a private basis only. If anyone wants to learn more about the project, get in touch with me Ulrike, at SabineJerome@aol.de or Brigitte at info@samuidog.org

The other kind of vacation: as a voluntary helper on Koh Samui

Once Koh Samui, always Koh Samui! If anyone visits Koh Samui once and falls in love with the island, he will always come back. What luck for the dogs and the cats!

In the past years, a lot of animal – loving visitors have come here, who really enjoyed the work at the animal rescue and with the animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a few hours or a longer time, every helping hand is highly welcomed.

Around 250 dogs and a 100 cats are waiting to be petted. You can also visit the DRCS with little children. The dogs and cats are very friendly and for the children it’s a great pleasure to play with so many dogs and cats.

The DRCS is always relying on animal- loving tourists, who are on vacation on the island and can help with the catching of hurt dogs and bring them to the DRCS. It’s also sufficient to just stay with the hurt animal and wait until the DRCS helpers get there, to bring the animal to the vet. Just call the DRCS and they will be there as fast as possible to collect the animal. Telephone (within Thailand) 077 413 490 or 081 893 94 43.

In addition to this, the rescue center always needs help collecting the dogs for castration. It’s already a big help if you look out for uncastrated dogs and cats in your hotel and tell the helpers so they can collect them.

Dogs and cats who have already been castrated can be recognised by the green tattoo in the ear!

If there are no dogs and cats at your hotel, it’s a very bad sign, that means that they are killed regularly.

The DRCS has a great deal of work and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge. Everyone can pets cats and dogs. Around 250 dogs and 100 cats are waiting. Vets and young people studying to become vets are greatly welcomed.

You can also call the DRCS prior to your visit and collect information first. Telephone (0066) 77 413 490 or 081 893 94 43


Please book only animal – friendly hotels for your vacation. A list of animal – friendly hotels can be found on my homepage www.hotel-kosamui.com