one_color_logo_BlackMessage from Colombia’s frog champions:

‘Colombia is home to 759 known species of amphibians. These species are facing extreme threats due to the country’s dense human population. Habitat destruction, harmful pesticides, climate change and overharvesting are contributing to the decline of amphibians in Colombia.

SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Cali, Colombia. Our mission is to protect Colombia’s amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.

We are the first South American branch of USA-based SAVE THE FROGS!

Pristimantis-palmeri-amplexus-1-550These are Pristimantis palmeri.







Our general aims and objectives:

SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia will educate the public about the importance of amphibians and strengthen their appreciation of Colombia’s amphibian populations; empower students and researchers to become amphibian conservationists in Colombia; observe Save The Frogs Day and work to get proper recognition in Colombia.






Conference April 22 – 27 2013, Supata-Cundinamarca – Celebrating the Protection of Amphibians and their Habitats

We will develop educational materials in Spanish. These materials will illustrate the importance of amphibians, the threats they face, and how people can help ensure their survival. Printed copies will be distributed at schools, community bulletin boards, conferences, and university biology departments. Digital copies will be made available on for widespread international access.

We will also assist SAVE THE FROGS! USA with their worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.’