On March 30, the Department of Animal Husbandary and Delhi Municipal Council, organized a massive free anti-rabies camp in Dwarka, along with Sonadi Trust & Canis Welfare Pet Club.

The venue for the camp was the Veterinary Hospital in Dwarka which is strategically located, covering Dwarka, Palam Village, Mahavir Enclave and Janak Puri. The idea of the camp was to sensitize the people living in urban villages who are ignorant of the concept of rabies and sterilizations – mostly pet owners who keep dogs without understanding the responsibilities attached to the concept. Pets are kept most of the time tied up, for security reasons. In these congested areas, there is also unchecked breeding with street dogs who not only suffer immensely but also threats from local people, including pet owners.

The objective was to start a sensitization process by which people would be taught about rabies and the importance of checking unrestricted breeding of dogs, including sale and purchase of pets.

In the next camp, these organizations will take awareness to the next level, wherein people can be asked to adopt street dogs after getting them vaccinated and sterilized, rather than buy expensive breeds from breeders and tie them up at their doorsteps. The issue of security in these areas is what makes most people keep pets. So instead of every house having pets tied up, the colony should adopt all street dogs and thus reduce support for the pet industry and help local authorities and NGOs to reduce street dog populations, cruelty and conflicts of all kinds.

Many important people showed up themselves to spend time and let people know the importance of such joint efforts. Many animal volunteers also showed up to encourage the cause.

Groups and individuals are encouraged to join in and support the effort.

Pictures are uploaded at this link :


Thanks to Rishi Dev for news of this important awareness-raising event.

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR).
New Delhi.

Article 51A of the Indian Constitution . . .

” It shall be the duty of every citizen of India . . . to have compassion for all living creatures . . . “