Shanti the Grass-eating Lion, by Paul Sinclair: This is a charity book for both children and adults to fundraise for orphanages; helping to find, free and rehabilitate child slaves and healing child soldiers.

It is mostly based on Jesus’ Sermon of the Mount teachings (it brings the full power of his message of non-violence and forgiveness to life in a simple and exciting way that captures the hearts of young and old alike).

It also comes with free website resources including a spiritual commentary and a comprehensive website to help get children and young people into group volunteering (it lists over a hundred projects they can get involved in to make the world a better place).

A review by Kiran, aged 11. 

The book is about a lion cub found in a jungle by some villagers. They take the cub into their care but find him eating their cattle and end up driving him back to the jungle.

The cub then swears never to eat meat again and is gifted with the power of speech.

 Shanti is my favourite character because he seems like a very wise and caring lion. He always helps the villagers when they are in trouble and that shows that he cares for them.

I think that all of the messages in this book are important, but the message that fighting does not solve anything is one very important message.

The book was very interesting and it had many little entertaining stories in it.
But they all had important messages which told lessons of what happens if you do something bad.

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