One of the leading Hindi news channels, INDIA TV’s team accompanied me to two of the most amazing animal shelters in Delhi.

As well as featuring on the main news channel, they intend to return to make a one hour special to be screened later, having been so impressed by what they saw.


This shelter is one of the only shelters in Delhi who genuinely love and keep dogs as children and never refuse anyone seeking help.
Managed by Mrs Sen and Dr Vijay, (and now Col. Ranadhir Dey, who is giving voluntary services) this place houses around 400 dogs. In my 5 years of experience with them, never have they once refused to pick up any injured or abandoned animal in any part of the city.

Their shelter houses 400 dogs and they have for many years run a sterilisation programme.

Over the last four months, they have organised an anti-rabies camp in Dwarka.


Set in about two acres of land, as the name suggests, this ashram is a shelter in its true sense.

Mr Kumar has developed this unique place with a unique concept, in that it is like a natural habitat for dogs. About 90 dogs and more puppies are housed here.

– No dog is chained or tied up, but all of them are kept together.

– All the dogs are healthy, living in a natural habitat and developing resistance to diseases which generally a dog might catch in a shelter.

– All of them are allowed to go out in the open and roam freely and they come back.

– Special dog houses are constructed with natural cooling and heating systems.

– There are swimming pools for dogs to play in, on their own.

– The place is thickly planted for them to take a nap, as, when and where they want to.

– No dog is aggressive and none have failed to assimilate peacefully into the group.

– Because of the way these dogs are kept, anyone can enter this compound at any time, without fear of getting bitten.

Mr Kumar said that the reason these dogs are like this is because they are fed well, given freedom and love, which makes them calm and loving by nature. By tying up dogs, one makes them aggressive. Mr. Kumar is in is late 60s and has never come across any dog that has bitten him for any reason.

Due to shortage of funds, they have no ambulance and have to depend on volunteers to take dogs to the vets, and they are short of staff and medical supplies.

India TV has been actively supporting and working with us to promote love and compassion towards animals. India TV, being one of the leading channels which addresses the public in our country, has been able to change many mindsets through their genuine love for animals. They were the first ones to support us in our campaign against the killing of dogs in Karnataka and Kerala.

By Rishi Dev.