UK filmmaker Tassia Kobylinska from Roving Eye Film produced the  documentary ‘Sacrifice‘ which deals with the mass animal sacrifices that took place at Gadhimai festival in Nepal in November 2009. The Animal Welfare Network Nepal will be using the documentary as a tool in its 5-year campaign against sacrifice and cruel sports in Nepal. 
Kobylinska made the film freely available to support the campaign.

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Kobylinska also prepared a slightly longer version which required a warning message as it includes images of animals being slaughtered. This documentary is more suitable for audiences that are yet unconvinced that animal sacrifice involves cruelty:


Filmmaker’s statement:

As a documentary filmmaker based in Nepal, I find the incredible visuals and fascinating stories behind the many festivals here make wonderful subjects for films.  But the Gadhimai festival, with its mass sacrifice of animals,  I found utterly depressing, upsetting and pointlessly brutal.  Bibi Fuyal and I, as part of Roving Eye Film, had great difficulties taking the footage and editing the film as it is painful to witness such suffering. We are keen to contribute to the campaign against cruelty conducted in the name of religion, and hope ‘Sacrifice’ will help to stop the senseless killings of innocent beings. 



Animal Welfare Network Nepal