Palamartsa Animal Sanctuary was set up by Patricia Corderoy and her partner Jimi Nicoll in December 2008.  It all started with a chance encounter whilst out shopping, when they spotted what looked like a dirty mop.  It turned out to be a small, very dirty and very matted white dog named Pipi. She was pregnant and had a fractured leg.
Tricia and Jimi took her home, looked after Pipi and her new pups and that was the shape of things to come.  Against all odds, they have since managed to rescue 55 dogs and 12 cats, and whilst some dogs have been rehomed, they currently have 26 dogs in urgent need of their loving forever home, and 8 feral cats living wild.  
Current Situation and Latest News

Animals in Bulgaria are treated inhumanely with no compassion and no respect.     

Owned dogs are kept outside and tied up on chains or rope. They are never released or walked and eventually the ropes or chains become embedded in their necks with horrific injuries as the result.  If the bitches get pregnant, the puppies are thrown out on the street at 8 weeks old or often younger. These puppies usually die, yet if they do survive they are abused, kicked, treated and often killed by poison or bludgeoned.  
The domestic animals are fed scraps and often abused, using fear to control them instead of training. They live in filthy squalid conditions. When they get old, they are usually thrown out to be abused on the streets.  

The Mayor of Palamartsa refuses to help and will not co-operate in any way.

Tricia and Jimi understand that the people need educating on animal welfare issues and they are making headway in this simply by showing people how they themselves care for their animals.  To progress their initiative further, they have been working towards securing new larger premises to accommodate the animals better as well as have a small surgery and dedicated vet to tend to the sick as well as spay/neuter all the lost and forgotten street dogs that roam and breed continuously as well as the owned dogs whose offspring are thrown out creating the problem.

Breaking News

The Deputy Mayor of the nearby town of Popovo has met with Tricia and Jimi and has given them some premises, where they can build kennels and shelters for the rescue animals.  He has also promised a vet who will attend on a regular basis to spay, neuter and treat any sick animals.  

 More updates as the news comes in…
In the future, we hope to set up an adoption programme for the UK.