After the flood, they left the Ark.

(Two by two. Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah)

Noah had saved them. Life was good.

(All together now. Hurrah Hurrah).

Noah had a vision of his sons

(One and two and three. Hurrah Hurrah)

A vision of fur and tusks and skins,

Of rifles, poison, harpoons, gins,

A whiff of battery hens (Hurrah Hurrah),

Draize-tested rabbits, cattle trucks,

(Thousands and thousands. Money for us. Hurrah)

Myxomatosis and abattoirs,

The pheasant shoot, the corrida

(Money and death. Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah).

Noah remembered the forty days

(The Arkful of precious lives. Hurrah Hurrah)

Tiger, panda, bittern, cod,

He knew how dear they were to God

(Who made them all. Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah).

He knelt down so the worms could hear

(No one counts worms. Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah)

He said, You creatures great and small,

My sons will soon destroy you all.

Scram! But they didn’t scram nearly far



From Queuing for the Sun (Peterloo Poets 2003)