Anna Sternfeldt, a friend of the excellent Indonesian organisation BAWA Bali, writes:

I have written an eBook with stories about dogs in Bali, with support of BAWA.

Together we can make changes happen.


This book, of which a proportion of the sales goes to benefit BAWA Bali, is a very comprehensive account of the lives of dogs in Bali, encompassing much interesting information about the island, its people and their perceptions of this wonderful animal.

The accompanying photos, like the text, are moving and sometimes disturbing.

But the excellent organisation founded by Janice Girardi, BAWA Bali, is there to help and inspire. Read about their rescue and campaigning work at:




Anna adds:

I can give away my Kindle version free during five days as a promotion.

By this means, readers can donate directly to BAWA. It will be free for five days next week, 27th to 31st of May.

You can download the The Dogs in Bali  by following the link:
For those who don’t have a Kindle reader, it is easy to download, just follow instructions on the same page.


Anna has put up some of her stories on the writing site Hubpages for visitors to read for free, with the purpose of inspiring people to donate to BAWA directly.
You can read a few of the stories here:

QCA note: On the occasion of revelations  of extreme cruelty in Indonesian slaughterhouses made  public by Animals Australia in 2011,  QCA joined many campaigning groups in protesting to their authorities. It was BAWA Bali which translated our letters into the local language, Bahasa, for us.