Below is Ama Menec’s summary of the 10 days walk:

Before we started: and at the start in Gloucester in soggy Henley and Dominic Dyer rousing the troops Maidenhead

Great Badger Trail walkers arriving in Hyde Park after 130 miles walk filmed by Diane Bartlett

and Meeting up with hundreds of badgeristas at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park and the beginning of the march .and walking down the main streets of central London

Badger Army marches to Westminster with walker of Great Badger Trail filmed by Diane Bartlett. (Preview)

Ama Menec walker on The Great Badger Trail speaks protesters at Westminster filmed by Diane Bartlett

My speech outside parliament, and Julie Buxton who first thought of holding a Great Badger Trail:

There are other speakers also filmed by Diane Bartlett

We will have raised £4,000 by the time all the sponsorship is in, and unless the government call off the badger cull, that money will be used to get folks from all over the UK into the badger cull zones when it starts. If the cull is called off, the money raised will go towards badger vaccination in those badger cull zones.

If you’ve agreed to sponsor me can you please send me a cheque made out to me, and I shall then forward the full amount of £400 I shall have raised to Julie Buxton of the Great Badger Trail. Thanks so much!

Very best wishes from sunny South Devon ,

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