Pollen Collector, courtesy of Jan Sheppard

Khaled Dardir‘s interesting article at www.khaleafa.com  featured the honey bee on the occasion of International Pollinator Week June 18-22.

“Pollination plays a pivotal role in the life cycle of plants and the goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of these species. Pollinators range from bees and moths to birds and bats. The diverse range ensures that both flowers and crops are able reproduce and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem. Khaled Dardir explores the role of one pollinator, the honeybee, and the health benefits associated with honey…

… Among the many creatures Allah has created in this world, there is one in which Allah’s blessing is so clear that all of mankind sees it. This creature is no bigger than my thumb and affects our well being, our society and our economy. This miraculous creature is the honeybee. There is a reason why a whole chapter in the Quran has been devoted to it as Allah has enabled the honeybee to produce a substance within which there is a cure for all mankind.”

Khaled Dardir has recently completed a Master of Science specializing in chemistry and is currently enrolled as a student in Mishkah pursuing a bachelors in Islamic Studies.

He is the founder and Chief Coordinator of the non-profit organization The Building Blocks of New Jersey whose mission is: “To aid self development, promote activism, and bolster community building”.