QCA was one of very many groups and individuals who lobbied the RSPCA, Dogs’ Trust, Blue Cross, Animals Asia and the PDSA over their attendance each year at Crufts – which would imply endorsement of the appalling and unethical practices of many pedigree dog breeders, carried out to better comply with the standards of the Kennel Club.

These were exposed in a BBC1 programme last month, and include the deformed spines of German Shepherd dogs, squashed faces of bulldogs and pugs, excessive skinfolds of basset hounds and – not so obvious to the layperson, the creation, by selective breeding, of brains too large for the skulls of King Charles Cavalier spaniels. Inbreeding, also advocated by breeders, has led to a very small and unhealthy gene pool.

The RSPCA Chief Veterinary Adviser, Mark Evans, says in the Independent of Sep. 17:

“There are now recognised to be more than 450 inherited diseases suffered by pedigree dogs and we believe the intentional breeding of deformed dogs and close inbreeding is morally unjustifiable and must stop.”

We are glad to report that the RSPCA and the Dogs’ Trust have decided not to attend Crufts next year. The BBC is also considering whether to screen coverage of the show.