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The Porbeagle Shark –  Lamna nasus – can grow to over 8 ft. and is present in cold/temperate waters of the North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere.

Caught by both game and commercial fishers, this shark is described by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Vulnerable worldwide and Endangered, or Critically Endangered, in parts of its northern range.

These sharks can be solitary or gregarious and typically produce 4 pups a year.

~ The painting of a pair of Porbeagle Sharks above is reproduced by kind permission of the artist, Barry Kent MacKay.
… Barry describes himself as a Canadian artist/writer/naturalist, who has devoted his life and career to the study of natural history, and the protection of birds and other wildlife.

He has maintained a thirty plus year relationship with the Animal Protection Institute, which recently became Born Free USA, doing animal protection work. He is also a founding director of Zoocheck-Canada

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