Debby Ng writes:

“I recently founded an organisation that collaborates with existing medical teams in Nepal, to bring sterilisation and vaccinations into the high reaches of the Himalaya. This is the first time it has ever been done in Nepal.

Many organisations work in the city and low lying areas, but the Himalayan Mutt Project, as we are called, just conducted the world’s highest dog neutering camp in May. Our costs were also very high indeed! Cost and natural geography are the very barriers that have kept other organisations and the government from responding to the needs to village folk who have complained of dogs becoming pests. Left without options, people have been poisoning the dogs for several years now. As many as 70 dogs are poisoned in the high villages each year. We want to prevent this, and provide alternatives.

I’m hoping you will be able to give us a shout out on your website about our work. I see you have mentioned the same NGO we collaborated with, HART, so it’s good that you are already aware of their reputation and of the quality of their work. Please do see our video that summarises what we do, and here’s the link to our current fundraising campaign which I’m hoping you will be able to help us publicise.”


And lots more photos here:



Visit HART at www.hartnepal.org

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