Oz exports poster

This affecting image – “The worst journey from the best place” – has been produced for WSPA by acclaimed photo-artist Anne Zahalka. It will help people to understand what live export means for Australian animals, given the more humane, sustainable and viable alternative that is available.

WSPA wants as many people as possible to see this picture and feel how they feel about this issue. Thousands of postcards with the image on have been produced to spread the crucial message.

Anne says:

“I wanted to contribute to WSPA’s campaign against live animal export by creating an image that was poignant and thought-provoking,” said Anne. “I didn’t want to depict the actual cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals in the trade but rather to represent the idea of the journey and the place from which the animals have been taken.”
“By combining a romantic painting of the Australian landscape with a pastoral scene of contented cows and sheep, and using the graphic design of old travel posters, I hope to raise questions and make people think about the animals plight in the live export trade.”

For your Australian family and friends – they can get in touch with WSPA by clicking here and will receive a pack of postcards to distribute into people’s letterboxes in their local areas.


Much more info on the live export trade and other issues at: