In the Autumn 09 newsletter, our Friend Elizabeth Rowland-Elliott of Southport Meeting wrote about the Meditation Group, open to all who share our concerns, which joins together in thought and prayer at 5pm each Sunday. The stimulus for this was the news of Tony, the Siberian tiger, who is being kept caged at a truckstop in Grosse Tête, Louisiana.

 We have faithfully kept vigil for Tony – and on occasion, other suffering beings – ever since; though he is still there, the authorities having renewed the licence  once again to the keeper, Michael Sandlin, there is much opposition from the US and overseas, with many campaigning groups and individuals joining together to press for his release to a sanctuary.

 Our committee member Ann Johnson has now contacted local Quakers who share our concern for Tony. They are keeping her informed and this is the latest news:

If you would like to join our meditation group for Tony, please let Elizabeth know: