ANPBA – Asociación Nacional para la Protección y el Bienestar de los Animales – Nat.Ass. for the Protection and Welfare of Animals – contacted the Diocesan Administrator in Valladolid, asking the Archbishop, “in the name of the Catholic Church”, to condemn the Toro de la Vega feast in Tordesillas, a spectacle “more appropriate for the pagan Roman amphitheatre than present day Christian morality”.

The Association informed Europa Press that the petition is based on Article 2.418 of the Catechism, which declares as “contrary to human dignity to make animals suffer gratuitously and  to sacrifice their lives needlessly”.

ANPBA recalls that last Tuesday,  “the life of an animal was sacrificed gratuitously and unnecessarily: an innocent being, pierced by sharp steel lances of some 33 centimetres long, died in agony – his only sin to have been born a bull in Spain.”

Thus, in the letter directed to the Archbishopric, the words of the Dalai Lama, sent in a letter to ANPBA, were also quoted: “showing his consternation about animal spectacles in Spain”.

“If we remain insensitive  faced with the pain of animals, and instead of that, find cause for entertainment in it, this lack of compassion can easily extend to humankind.”

ANPBA has included QCA as a signatory to the letter to the Dalai Lama.