Ama Menec writes:

TBVAC is a Totnes – based group committed to the vaccination of as many badgers in the South Devon area as possible, with an emphasis on neighbouring sites to reduce pockets of non – vaccination.

We aim to get this up and operational before the resumption of this summer’s badger cull, because the South Hams may be next in line to host a cull in 2014. If a cull zone doesn’t have 70% of area of land taking part, then a cull cannot proceed…so if we can get 30% or more of South Devon  refusing to cull, or have gone with vaccination instead, a cull cannot go ahead in this area.

We have a better than average chance of getting badgers vaccinated here around Totnes, thanks to organic farming methods and farmers caring for the environment and its wildlife, than many places in the UK.

We are looking for: Landowners and farmers who want their badgers vaccinated.

People with badger or wildlife handling experience who would like to train to vaccinate badgers, and who would be willing to vaccinate badgers for anyone who asks for it. We have more than 12 experienced people ready to train but we would welcome more experienced potential vaccinators, particularly from the farming community.

Networkers who can approach landowners to offer vaccination, particularly if they neighbour other vaccination farms.

People good at fundraising to pay for licences, training, equipment and vaccines.

Donations can be made via bank transfer to Account number: 65635779 Sort Code: 089299

If you would like to join our Facebook group, just type in Totnes Badger Vaccination Action Campaign to find TBVAC.
Alternatively call 07773902702 or email

TBVAC website coming soon.


Badger vaccination is already being implemented by some landowners and wildlife trusts in Great Britain, and by the Welsh Government.

Badger vaccination is an acceptable, science-led and benign low-risk option.

Badger vaccination is a first step to a comprehensive UK livestock and badger vaccination strategy.


Totnes Badger Vaccination Action Campaign (TBVAC)

We are lay vaccinators, with experience of handling livestock and wildlife, and are giving our time freely to vaccinate as many badgers as possible in Devon against bTB. We are particularly keen to vaccinate badgers in neighbouring farms to give contiguous vaccination. We will not be making a charge for our time, licences or equipment.

Reasons to vaccinate:

  • Taking part in a badger cull is expensive. A bounty of £20 has to be paid on the head of every badger killed, plus the time of the huntsman and money towards his licence. We will only charge £10 per badger for the vaccine, and if we can secure the funding, we will charge nothing at all.
  • Culling will not improve the bTB situation, and may make the situation worse, by disturbing the resident population which may be healthy. Many scientists have researched the effect of culling and all have concluded it won’t help farmers control bTB in their cattle. Vaccination has been proven to reduce bTB infection in badgers and to reduce the infectiveness of badgers which have already caught bTB.
  • You have a choice. Taking part in a badger cull is not compulsory. You can chose to have your badgers killed, vaccinated or do nothing at all.
  •  95% of the British public oppose the cull, and many will refuse to buy produce from cull zones. To take part in a badger cull will be a public relations disaster.

Bovine TB and the badger cull,

On 30th March, an evening with Steven Jones was organised in Rattery, Devon.

Steven writes:

The NFU backed by this coalition Government seems set to embark on a pilot badger cull this summer despite an increasingly vocal opposition.

My name is Steven Jones and I have a wealth of experience in the livestock industry. I do not believe that the free shooting of badgers will address the bovine TB problem. With this in mind, I will be doing a range of talks throughout the country that will highlight the areas that I see as far more beneficial to the livestock industry. I hope to eventually grind to a halt this misconceived and unscientific policy that will benefit no one, especially not the farming communities that it is supposedly aimed at helping.

Not since the war years has the farmer needed the support of the consumer so much. The public are prepared to pay a premium for home grown traceable produce. Now is not the time to jeopardise the real coalition that will benefit us all; the partnership between the farmers and their customers.

For more details about this badger vaccination project, please contact:


Ama Menec, Unit 2 Coombe Park, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon.


Or email:

Any queries feel free to call TBVAC: 077739 02702

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Ama says:
I am passionate about the need for wilderness and the plight of Britain’s endangered animals. My animal sculptures and wall plaques focus primarily on threatened species in the UK, and celebrate the success stories and are stylistically inspired by etchings, woodblock prints, early 20th century illustration and Art Deco stone carving. My earliest influences as a teenager
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