The International Anti-Bullfight Summit, a historic event which took place in Lisbon from 18 to 19 of May 07, brought together 25 animal protection organisations from Europe and Hispanic America and set up the World Network for the Abolition of the Bullfight.

There is evidence that strong feeling against this barbarity is rising up in America too, of which the most recent proof is that the two Ecuadorean organisations who attended informed us that on that same day, May 18th., the city of Banos had become the first in the country – and the first on the American continent – to declare themselves officially against bullfighting.

Amongst many other decisions discussed and taken, were:

To organise a Summit annually to take place in each of the European and American cities where the bullfight still exists .

To send a message to the members of the Venezuelan National Assembly, which is on the point of proposing a new and progressive animal welfare bill, including a proposal to ban bullfights, in order to express unequivocal world support for this parliamentary initiative.

To support the project which ANIMAL is soon to launch to bring about an end to bullfighting in Portugal.

On May17th., all the organisations joined in an important and significant demonstration against the tourada, attended by some 700 people, opposite the Campo Pequeno bullring in Lisbon.

Although the bullfighting industry had appealed to supporters to fill the ring that night, to show their power and influence, it was slow to fill up, another sign of how weak is this bloody industry in Portugal and how certain it is that it is near its end. :: For a Bullfight-free World.