Quaker Concern for Animals responded, as we do when our funds allow, to the catastrophic effects on the Philippines of this typhoon. We made donations to WSPA and IFAW.

Several of us, on a personal basis, also responded to the appeal from Humane Society International.  It appears that the Philippino people have many companion animals and as you see below, they are really appreciating the help HSI and others are giving, including a telephone hot line for people to call for assistance. Farmed animals are also being helped.

Please see the link below:

‘Humane Society International’s animal rescue team has made its way through the devastated communities in and around Tacloban, one of the areas hardest hit by Typhnoon Haiyan.

Determined to provide aid to companion animals in need – a crucial component of humanitarian efforts in a disaster – our team walked the streets for days, carrying with them dog and cat food, water and veterinary supplies.

People in a camp who had lost everything in the storm thanked our team again and again for providing supplies for their animals.

This is just the first step in what will be a sustained response operation by HSI’s animal rescue team. We are developing both immediate and long-term plans to help animals, which we’ll continue to share with you.’

Andrew Rowan. President and CEO  Humane Society International


Bubba’s human dad was grief-stricken that he was unable to provide adequate care for his beloved dog in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. Desperate for help, he carried Bubba’s little shelter into the streets and put a big sign on top that read, INT. HUMANE SOCIETY PLEASE HELP ME! BUBBA.

As you can imagine, this victim of Typhoon Haiyan was overjoyed when our rescue team showed up at his home with food and water for his pup. His worries were over, and Bubba’s doing great.

This is the kind of work you support when you donate to HSI’s International Disaster Fund.

Watch our heartwarming slideshow and make a special gift today to help animals like Bubba in the Philippines – and other animals affected by disasters today and in the future.

HSI gave permission to use their materials and says:

‘We are happy to receive your feedback and share your commitment to reduce suffering and create meaningful social change for animals.

It is with the support of our advocates and donors, and through fieldwork, policy formation, humane education, direct care and services, and funding of in-country partners that HSI has helped advance the cause of animal welfare in dozens of nations worldwide.

We appreciate your support of our animal protection programs.

If you have additional questions, please visit our website www.hsi.org  or contact our Donor Care Team at: info@hsi.org