Un-cooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken

Our member in the Republic of Ireland, Sandra Higgins, Director of Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary tells us that three of their residents  will feature in the forthcoming online portrait exhibition at the National Museum of Animals & Society, entitled Un-cooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken.

Here are – on the left, Matilda, and on the right, Joy, soon after rescue:











The exhibition will also feature a synopsis of Enriched Cages and Embodied Prisons (in press), a report produced by Matilda’s Promise Animal Rights & Vegan Education Centre on the exploitation of egg laying hens by the humans who consume their eggs, detailing how the 2012 EU Ban on Battery Cages has resulted in an increase in the exploitation and rights violations of hens, which is characteristic of a welfare approach to non-human exploitation in non-vegan society.

The exhibition can be viewed online at http://www.museumofanimals.org/#/upcoming-exhibits/4158003 from 11th. May to coincide with International Respect for Chickens month.

This is a wonderful exhibition featuring a wide variety of chicken beings and the humans who represent them and advocate for their rights.

The exhibition features several of Eden’s residents:  look out for Simon, Mike, Breffni, Joy and our beloved Matilda.

There are also very interesting contributions from Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns, Robert Grillo, Jonathan Balcombe, Sue Coe, Carol Adams and many others.

It can be viewed online here http://www.uncooped.org/

From the catalogue notes: Homo sapiens and Gallus gallus domesticus share a long and complex history, from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the cockfighting pits of ancient Rome, from the Victorian show ring to the modern day factory farm. Human attitudes toward chickens are likewise vast, ranging from creation myths that revere chickens and the egg in the formulation of the world, to dismissals of chickens as dull and foolish.


Enriched Cages & Embodied Prisons


 ‘Enriched Cages & Embodied Prisons’ examines the effect of the ban on barren battery cages on the hens who are exploited by the egg industry, exploring the similarity between barren cages and the new ‘enriched’ or ‘furnished’ battery cage system of confinement. It explores how the ban has coincided with an increase in the consumption of eggs which is highly likely to be due to appeasement of what used to be the leading cause of public awareness of animal rights violations, a fact that will not have been lost on the animal agricultural industry that supported the ‘ban’…

Download the complete report here:


Update: Sandra has launched a new initiative called Association for Creative Maladjustment to Animal Rights Violations and has opened a Facebook Page here: