On September 11th,  just before the wine harvest, during which bullfights take place in Arles, some 3000 campaigners from 40 animal welfare groups joined in a peaceful protest organised  by the French organisation Alliance Anticorrida aimed at sensitising public opinion against these shameful spectacles.

Led by musicians, the colourful procession, some walking on stilts, some in regional dress, carried banners saying: « Subsidise culture, not torture! », « I am a local resident and I don’t like bullfighting… » and « Nîmes no longer wants to be a city of blood! »

 They came from Marseille, Toulouse,  Lyon,  Nantes,  Nice and Paris, or from much further afield — Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Catalunya.

After a minute of silence in memory of the thousands of bulls sacrificed each year on the altar of stupidity and unenlightenment, the marchers formed a huge human chain around the bullring, symbol of the strength of their commitment.

Hundreds of balloons were burst and with a final “No concession, we want abolition!»  the gathering dispersed. Anti-corrida Europe had shown their determination and hope for the future.

The pro-corrida managed only 500 supporters, despite the noticeable support of many parliamentarians.

  Strongly recommended –  A video is available  to watch on:  Alliance Anti-Corridawww.allianceanticorrida.fr

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