Paporn from Khlong Dogs in Bangkok has sent this update:

I would like to thank all of you who sponsored the “Mission Almost Impossible” task to feed the animals in flood area.

I went out to feed the flood animals for the 7th time. Lucky me, this time I had a vet team with me.








This time I planned very well, because I have limited time, but many tasks to do and many places to visit.

First task, to feed all the dogs and cats along the flood way. Second, visit two temples to bring them dog and cat food.








Third, to check on two very sick dogs in a temple and give them urgent treatment.

And on the way, we have to respond to more tasks and work than I have planned. All tasks were done  successfully and on time.

But I have several problems: I saw another two very seriously ill dogs on the way. What shall I do, shall I just ignore them and finish my work and go back home? But as you know me, I cannot just turn a blind eye on the sick and suffering dogs.

The result is: 1. The dog named Tiger, the black-yellow striped coat dog, is very weak, has not eaten for days and his gums look very pale. He can hardly lift his head up. Tiger was taken to an animal hospital near the temple in Saimai district inBangkok.

2. The young 4 months old male golden coat dog had a very bad accident on his front right leg. The wound is very deep, smelly and bleeding badly. He hides himself and is very scared in a tiny hole in front of a glass shop. His name is Cartoon. Cartoon was taken to a hospital, he will be operated on. I am not sure if we can save his leg.

3. “Suchart” is the male dog with the broken leg, who I saw last week during the Mission Almost Impossible task. I promised to you and to Suchart, that I will come back to pick him up and I kept my promise.

Now we have three dogs we have to take care of. And I did not forget the poor beagle, who was dumped in the temple. Good news for Beagle, I have found a home for him. So, tomorrow I will go out for the 8th time to feed the flood dogs and cats near where Beagle is and will pick him up to take to his new home.









As I promised you, I will do my very best to help them and I am working hard to keep my promises to all of you and the animals I saw.

As for the expense of the 3 dogs, Suchart is lucky to have a donor to take care of the expenses. But I have “Tiger” and the young “Cartoon” who still need help.

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With my very best regards,

Paporn Jaekel

~ QCA has helped Paporn in this difficult work and we are holding her, the team of volunteers and the animals in the Light. Thank you, Paporn, and look after yourselves.