Volunteers Needed for the GABS Wounded Badger Patrol

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) is a local group which has been working as a part of Team Badger for the last year to try and stop the senseless pilot badger cull.

It has set up a Wounded Badger Patrol which will walk the public footpaths and highways in the Gloucestershire cull zone before and during any cull to look for injured badgers during the evening and night.

The group will only act within the law and will not trespass on land  or intimidate land owners. We need people who can do anything from just 1 patrol to doing a regular weekly slot. Patrol members will go out in small groups and will wear branded high viz jackets.

Guidance notes will be provided for people on patrol.


Dear Supporter,

Thank you for expressing an interest in taking part in the Wounded Badger Patrol; a peaceful, law-abiding initiative organised by GABS (Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting) to locate injured badgers during the planned cull in Gloucestershire. The intention is to walk in the cull zone and if we come across wounded badgers to follow a strict no handling procedure and to call the identified Veterinary Service/Wildlife Rescue to enable rescue. We are very concerned that wounded badgers who are not killed outright (highly likely) will either then be tracked by dogs or retreat to their setts to suffer a painful and lingering death. We find this unacceptable, hence the setting up of the WBP, which will only act within the law and will not intimidate landowners.

It is planned that we will organise the WBP across the proposed cull zone in groups of a minimum of 4 volunteers, one an identified leader. There is a strict code of conduct to ensure that volunteers are safe, as this will be a walk in the dusk/late evening in areas where there will be free-shooting of badgers by armed contractors. It should be noted that the shooters are obliged to break their guns, i.e. stop shooting, if there are people/walkers in the area. You will be issued a Draft Card which will clearly state the Dos and Don’ts. You are perfectly entitled to walk on public footpaths, roads, lanes – this will be respected by the Police who will be informed on a daily basis as to where and when the WBP are walking. This is for your own safety and confidence. Should you hear shooting we have been advised by the Police that you should immediately call 999. Obviously a mobile phone in the group is essential kit, as is a strong torch, Hi-Viz jacket (loaned for £10 from us – it reads Wounded Badger Patrol across the back so you are clearly identifiable), WBP Draft Card and a whistle.

Our challenges: There are many volunteers  and we need to organise the WBP to make best use of where volunteers are, when they can do a patrol and to really make use of the skills which many of you have! You all have the commitment to want to do something to try to stop this barbaric and unnecessary slaughter of our badgers going ahead – and if we cannot stop it – to mitigate needless suffering .You may also have skills we could use – countryside and local knowledge/leadership/map-reading/geographical/badger and sett knowledge etc. If you are therefore still keen to volunteer and be part of this very important initiative could you let us know the following:

Name, Telephone number +Postcode. Any physical limitations. Any skills in map-reading, orienteering, leadership of groups in the countryside (mountains/scouts/ramblers etc.), knowledge of particular areas in the cull zone, local knowledge, experience of badgers+setts, which evenings in the week you could take part (e.g. Wednesday evening only). Any information which you think would be useful for us to know. We need to identify volunteers who can help with drawing up workable operational zones we can walk in within the proposed cull zone – CAN YOU HELP?

Please reply asap. The cull could start any day .We need to identify leaders for each zone – WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN BEING A LEADER? We will initially communicate with all volunteers individually and then pass the task of arranging the WBP to individual Leaders within the zones.

We would appreciate it if you could get back to us asap – we do not know when the cull will start – it could be any date from June 1st and will continue for 6 weeks – so we do need to get organised quickly.

Thank you from GABS and our badgers. E: wbpglos@gmail.com  or call 07928 775012


Wounded badger instructions and information from: http://www.badger.org.uk/content/Living.asp

Also have a look at www.badgergate.org

badger trust


On the Badger Trust website it says:

Helping trapped, sick, orphaned or injured badgers. If you find a badger in need of assistance, please contact the Badger Trust on 08458 287878.











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