Paporn Jaekel writes:

 I have been very busy with our 27 animals at home, running the Temple dogs project and visiting Easter, the dog with cancer. I am now also studying Law.

I went to visit the temple twice

As usual, the dogs got food and medicine. The boys got some pocket money and new clothes for school and Auntie Tim also got some money pocket for her basic daily needs. Now the new school semester has started and the boys are learning hard. I hope they will have a

The second visit in June, we at the temple were glad to welcome the team of volunteers from Penn U, USA. More than 20 Vets and Vet students came to perform castration surgery on about 40 dogs and cats at the temple. The surgery went well and the cats and dogs recovered

As for Easter, I have visited him twice a week. He became weaker and passed away in peace last week. I was sitting by his side the day he died. I was talking and comforting him. It was a silent death. As I could see, he was just sleeping and did not wake up. I was very sad. But what else can we do? We all have done our best and made the last chapter of his life a better one. The dogs we met and helped are usually seriously ill. Sometimes we are lucky and can help them, sometimes we can only assist them in the last chapter of their life and make their life’s condition better.

~ Thank you, Paporn and Thomas, for the excellent and compassionate work you continue to do for Bangkok’s street animals and for all at the temple.

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