A correspondent, Ela Josephs, runs a Facebook page called  ‘HOPE FOR SERBIAN ANIMALS’,  which features on the web site below:


She is also making an appeal for a Serbian Roma woman, Borka, and her cats:

The cats live in a slum settlement from which Roma people were forcefully relocated and forbidden to take their animals with them. Borka is one of the few inhabitants who remained there and she is the only one who looks after about 40-50 cats. She also has two dogs. Borka lives in a makeshift shack with no electricity and running water. Understandably, she has no financial means to provide food for so many cats. A spay campaign is under way and so far 15 females have been sterilized. Most of these cats are tame and they desperately need food and a home. Soon there will be no one to feed them when the authorities remove the remaining people who are still living there.

Please help them.’

You can contact Ela via the web site.