The family of three vervet monkeys which was rescued by ANIMAL, with the support of the IPPL (International Primate Protection League) on 26 March, in cooperation with the environmental police, the local veterinarian municipal officer and the Portuguese CITES Authority, is happily already well settled at their new home at the Monte Selvagem Park.

Settling in

Laurinda, the mother, is 12 years old and her daughters are Benguela and Luena (4 and 5 years old). These monkeys now appear to be calm, balanced and happy primates, only little more than one week after their arrival at Monte Selvagem Park and experienced the trees and vegetation of their new home for the first time. Three other rescued vervet monkeys also live there, forming the group into which this new family is to be integrated – so that they will all live as a happy and socially solid group of vervet monkeys.