Vets’ Care Club (VCC), under the umbrella of Vets Care Organization (VCO) , is run by the students in the veterinary institutes of Pakistan.

VCC is headed by a team of Chief Co-ordinators from VCO. The chief co-ordinators report to the Secretary-General of VCO, who looks after the activities of VCCs at different institutes.

VCO Designatories are:

President of VCO: Mohsin Ali Bhatti (Founder Member) (2001)

Secretary-General of VCO: Rana Shaukat Hussain (Founder Member) (2001)

Information Secretary: Waseem Shaukat (2006)

The President is in overall charge of VCO and VCCs. The Secretary-General is responsible for the establishment of new clubs and all the international links and team co-ordination. The Information Secretary is responsible for all the media coverage and news reports.

The recent Rabies Vaccination described below was organized by VCC Bahawalpur, a newly established club which our friend Rana Shaukat Hussein has been trying, from here in Britain, to inaugurate over the past year in Islamia University Bahawalpur. This was achieved with team work by VCO.

~ Thanks to all the veterinary students in the new Vets’ Care Club in Islamia Bahawalpur , who gave up their time to organise this important work. Rana reports that VCO ‘s Compassionate Citizen  project has been approved by PETA. They will be rolling out this project from District Vehari in Lahore, where their Head Office is situated.After the success of the pilot project, the hope is that their field of activities will extend generally into Punjab Province   – INSHA ALLAH