Visakha SPCA began in 1996 and has been supported over the years by Maneka Gandhi, Animal People News, The Ahimsa Foundation of Boston, USA. The Project Director/Founder/President is Pradeep Kumar Nath and patrons include Philip and Trix Wollen, of The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust in Australia.

Visakha SPCA is recognised by Animal Welfare Board of India and the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests. Visakha SPCA is the “sister shelter” of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

They are involved in an amazing number of projects, in and outside the Shelter.

These include:

Olive Ridley sea turtle conservation, protection for migratory birds, cobra liberation, wildlife rescues involving monitor lizards, dolphins, boars, hares, jungle cats, mongooses, squirrels and snakes.

They have also worked with the authorities to run their animal birth control programme, to get offenders in an illegal slaughterhouse prosecuted, achieved the seizure of circus animals; they have worked with the navy to protect the sea turtles, are a recognised Cow Sanctuary, have succeeded in getting a ban on coloured plastic bags, dangerous to animals.

All this, as well as running an establishment which has received the highest sanitation grade given to an animal shelter in India, giving sanctuary to hundreds of needy animals of all species.

They are run on extremely sustainable principles, using a biogas plant to convert cow dung in to electricity and gas for cooking. The cow dung and urine are also used to produce completely natural fertilizers and pesticides to grow the plants and trees within the shelter. They have excellent waste and water management systems for a shelter of their size. A 30,000 litre septic tank handles the waste from our hundreds of resident animals. Rain- harvesting pits and onsite wells provide the enormous amounts of water we use everyday.

Visakha SPCA is an Associate member of the RSPCA and WSPA and Founder of ASIA LINK, formed in 2000 in London. They are also one of only three members of the committee formed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, which conducts reports on the animal sacrifices that are running rampant through the state.

Pradeep Nath was selected by the Ministry of Environment and Forests as a member under the Zoo Committee, working to improve the welfare of zoo animals, and received permission by the Central Zoo Authority to assist in setting up the Large Animal Rescue Center in the city- one of only five in the whole of India.