Judi Hewitt of WAAC sent us the following news :

Transporters LE Jones of Ruthin in North Wales is being forced to close down for breaking regulations unconnected to animal welfare concerns.

Judi organised a demo against LE Jones a few years ago, because of their involvement in live exports. At an earlier live export protest, which the clerk attended, protesters found a dead sheep thrown to one side at the back of the depot. Earlier in the day, one of the transporters carrying heifers had arrived at the site and overturned on the roundabout – one could see the legs of the poor animals protruding through the slats. It took quite a few requests to the attending police to get a vet called to look at the heifers.

The transport commission told LE Jones to close shop at midnight on the 3rd. of May, but defenders of the company argue that this will supposedly cause one hundred jobs to be axed. This company has apparently had many warnings, yet still they continued to break the rules.

Pastor James Thompson, the Animals' Padre and campaigners.

Pastor James Thompson, the Animals’ Padre and campaigners.

On May 3 09, animal activists said prayers and laid flowers in memory of all the animals transported by LE Jones Livestock Hauliers.

The Rev. James Thompson conducted a short service in memory of the animals – also including a prayer for the drivers.

Unfortunately, Judi reports, these prayers must have fallen upon deaf ears, because just as they were leaving, LE Jones staff arrived to help themselves to a selection of the flowers secured to a fence – left as a memorial for the countless pigs, sheep and cattle transported all over Europe.

Animals have been exported live for some forty years and it shames us all to know this appalling trade goes on unhindered, not just in Britain, but many parts of the world.

“By May 4,  all the flowers and messages had gone – only a single red flower remains. So not content with ignoring the suffering of animals transported, they insult our memorial to those sentient creatures.”