We are supporting VIVA!‘s campaign to stop the mutiliation of piglets.

“Earlier this year, Viva! filmed young piglets pulled out of their pens, having their back teeth cut off with pliers and their tails cut off with scissors.
This despite routine mutilations supposedly being banned in the UK and Europe.

Experts say that it causes needless pain and suffering – yet it usually happens without anaesthetic – ask yourself: would we allow human babies to be treated this way?

The Government’s own advisory body on farm animal welfare, FAWC, the Farmed Animal Welfare Council, highlighted the distress caused by the mutilation in a study published in March.

The clipping of teeth and docking of tails is not illegal, however, in theory, it should not be carried out as routine and standard practice on pig farms.

Despite this, the FAWC report said:
‘Most of the nine million piglets born in the UK each year experience some form of mutilation.’”
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075225/Pain-pigs-Undercover-filming-shows-animals-having-teeth-clipped-metal-pliers-anaesthetic.html#ixzz1h5efABBm

Go to www.viva.org.uk for details of the campaign to contact the minister.