Dear Marian and Quaker Concern for Animals,

Thank you so much for forwarding that message about the wild bird import ban! That’s fantastic!

I have moved from Tasmania to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and the trees here are filled with parrots, cockatoos, cockateils, rosellas, currawongs and all their tribes.

They have such busy politics, and they have such lovely social lives, the thought of them cooped in cages is unthinkable.

The day I arrived, I was pegging clothes out on the line when a lovely big vermilion and green parrot came and sat in the tree the clothes line is tied to and chatted to me, until I twigged that the gist of the oration was about food, then it accepted cashew nuts from my hand. It was a wild bird, but I guess it cadges food up and down this street.

It’s nice to be away from the casual destruction and wanton demolition of Tasmania to be reminded that for the most part, that behaviour is not representative.

Please keep me on your mailing list – I am still involved, just not working for the Tasmanian Conservation Trust.

Suzy Manigian.