On 9th January, 2011, People for Animals, Ghaziabad chapter, organized a mobile campaign in which bedding material was provided to street animals.

the team sets off in the cold

This campaign concentrated on providing jute gunny bags and warm bedding made up of the waste material called husks of rice. This enabled the animals to take refuge in a warm shelter, beating this icy cold climate.

The campaign was promoted by the President of the PFA Ghaziabad, Mrs. Ashima Sunil and the trustees Adv B.L. Batra and Vipin Garg, along with members of the PFA, including Babusha, Prashansa, Rajeev, Ms. Honey Saini, Pradyot.

The campaign covered many areas, starting from Old Ghaziabad Railway Station, Nayee Bastee, Patel Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Raj Nagar and Kavi Nagar.

These animals were also fondly fed bread and rusks. They ate heartily and then curled up happily on their bedding. PFA members also approached nearby shop owners to take care of the bedding.

guests move in

~ ASHIMA SUNIL. People for Animals, Ghaziabad.