World Animal Day (WAD), celebrated every year on 4th of October is a fun way to explore the welfare of animals and to do something special for the creatures of the Almighty. Joining hands with the international community, Vets Care Organization Pakistan (VCO) has been celebrating this day every year in Pakistan to show their affection and compassion towards animals.

Since the recent devastating floods have had a severe impact on millions of animals, VCO had decided to dedicate this year’s WAD to flood-affected animals. In this connection, a number of events were organized to mark the World Animal Day in Kot Adu (Muzaffar Garh), including Free Veterinary Treatment Camps. Along with the camp, a get-together with the local village farmers and an awareness campaign was also held to highlight the importance of World Animal Day. A large number of animals, including sheep, goat, cattle, buffaloes, dogs, birds were brought at the camp and were provided with free medical facilities, including medicines. Through these special camps, VCO was able to provide relief to large number of animals, hence achieving the objective of the World Animal Day – Reducing the Animals’ suffering & pain.

In his message on this occasion, World Animal Day Ambassador for Pakistan Dr. Waseem Shaukat said that 2010’s WAD urged the people to contribute to and support  the animal relief activities. He called upon the government to pay attention to rehabilitation of the flood-affected animals and also enact and implement strict legislation against animal abuse.

VCO’s celebration for WAD received a lot of attraction by the media. Various newspapers, radio stations and TV channels covered the event, including FM 93, ARY News, Daily Nawai-e-Waqt, Daily Pakistan, Daily the News, Weekly Veterinary News & Views. Vets Care Organization is thankful to all the media for highlighting this important event. Last but not the least; we are thankful to all volunteers who spared their time for this noble cause.

It is worth-mentioning that Vets Care Organization Pakistan, in collaboration with other organizations, has been engaged in providing relief to the flood-affected animals since the onset of the floods. VCO volunteers have been working in various districts of the southern Punjab to provide veterinary services which include vaccination & de-worming of thousands of animals, while a large number of sick & injured animals were also provided with the necessary treatment. Moreover, 120 tons of concentrate feed and 160 tons of Total Mixed Ration (TMR) has been distributed in Southern Punjab as an Emergency Feeding Program for animals in collaboration with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Four Paws International.

Vets Care Organization Pakistan commits to continue such activities in future for the welfare of animals. We are dedicated to promote a humane and caring attitude towards all animals. We commit to make Pakistan, a friendly and cruelty-free environment for animals.

Quaker Concern for Animals has recently supported VCO/WSPA in this compassionate work.