The following are pictures of demonstrations against the cruel slaughter of Volante last Tuesday. You will see he was in the minds of people all over the Hispanic world.

QCA is grateful to PACMA – the Spanish Party of the Animals –  which organised the campaigning in Spain


The photo on the right shows the campaigners Breaking a Lance,  in the meadow where the Toro de la Vega is released to his fate.

Valladolid, administrative centre of Castilla y Leon, which authorises the slaughter. On the bull – ‘LIVE’

In other Spanish cities:

Barcelona – the poster says ‘Enough animal torture’

This is Malaga – the poster in the middle says: ‘Welcome to Black Spain.’

Portuguese campaigners honour Volante

Brazilian campaigners ask for a boycott of Spain. Underneath, are pictures of the Toro de la Vega and the Toro Jubilo.

at the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires



The poster says: ‘Tordesillas tortures bulls
Volante – Colombia is with you’.




Quito, Ecuador






In Monterrey, Mexico:


– and, on the right, our Friend  Debby in Tordesillas:

PACMA – Partido Animalista –


The Party for the Animals (PACMA) in Spain and the Legal Centre for the Defence of Animals lodged a complaint on September 19 against the organisations responsible for the running of the Toro de la Vega on September 11 in Tordesillas.

D. Pablo Trillo-Figueroa, central government representative on the Castilla Y Leon Autonomous Regional Council, is accused of perversion of the course of justice by illegally authorising the Toro de la Vega this year, without having examined in the most minimal fashion the documentation presented by PACMA.  In these papers, he was formally advised of irregularities which could affect the legality of the event. An appeal has been made.

Furthermore, an appeal has also been presented to the Valladolid Court, asking for an examination of the classification of the event as a Traditional Bullfighting Spectacle and a complaint against the irregularities which took place this year, which are clearly not compliant with the regulations governing bull fiestas in this Autonomous Region.

It is of note that the Castilla y Leon court never ratified the decision taken by the Tordesillas Council in May 2011, which claimed the festival as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

PACMA hopes that the judges and Administration will examine all the documents presented and prevent future festivals which do not even comply with their own bullfighting regulations, which specifically prohibit harming, stabbing, hitting or killing an animal in public.

PACMA is surprised that no politician from this region has questioned the running of this event, even more incredible given the opposition it arouses, which increases yearly. In fact, the Castilla y Leon courts,  supported by the main political parties, but with the Izquierda Unida (United Left) abstaining, approved a proposal which claims to promote bull fiestas as a tourist attraction.
Francisco García Leal, President of PACMA, states that his party is demanding the required courage and consistency to take the legal moves which would effectively protect animals, aimed at preventing a repetition of the terrible scenes that played out in Tordesillas this year.