June 2013 (165)

This is Robin Warren and Rocky. Robin, at 12 years old, is the Nevada delegate of YEA! Youths’ Equine Alliance.

Robin Warren, from Las Vegas, Nevada, has advocated for wild horses since the age of 9 when she started her first petition and co-founder of Petition to Save the Mustangs, a group dedicated to raising awareness about the wild horses. Robin’s petition asked for the BLM not to use helicopters or close off or pollute watering holes as these methods have been found inhumane.

Robin’s favorite herd is the Virginia Range horses of Northern Nevada. That is where she had her first encounter with wild horses, a memory she will treasure forever. She also enjoys visiting the wild horses and burros – donkeys – that live near her home town too.

Robin wants the roundups stopped. She doesn’t think it is fair that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has an exemption to the law that protects mustangs and burros.  Robin is a born justice-seeker and will not stand to see mustangs and burros mistreated.

This is what the group does:

“Our goal is to save the wild horses and burros from unnecessary cruel roundups and to stop equine slaughter by providing an arena to encourage children in their advocacy of equines, and to offer recognition of their achievements.”

The roundups continue. While the helicopters are whirling, our own Robin Warren was in Washington DC with hundreds of thousands of signatures asking for horses and burros to be protected from such cruelty.

Please see the video clip of her statement to the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board, and her finally successful efforts to have the 250.000 signatures accepted on Capitol Hill: Click here.

Let’s stop the roundups and stop horse slaughter to protect these majestic symbols of our Western heritage wild and free.

Thank you for supporting the children’s mission to save horses and burros!




More than 80% of Americans do not want horse slaughter plants to re-open in the US. But the legislators don’t seem to be listening. That’s why we are rallying the food retailers!

Rally food retailers to lobby against horse slaughter today.

Sign the petition here.If you are over 13.


Please visit: www.yeaspage.com

~ QCA sends our compliments and thanks to Robin and the YEA Youths’ Equine Alliance for their compassionate work for these beautiful creatures.